Exploratory Data Analysis on IPL data from 2008–2019

IPL is the most successful T20 format in cricket leagues. This article gives a sound understanding of IPL with the use of Statistics and visual insights. Here the Data Analysis is presented on the IPL data provided by the Kaggle.

Chandler: Hi, Joey. How you doing?

Joey: Hello, Chandler. To say I’m bored right now playing FoosBall alone and anyway you look happy no need to ask back.

Chandler: Although Stop playing, turn on the TV will watch IPL

Joey: IPL??? What IPL? I didn’t know about it, is it a new movie?

IPL logo
IPL logo

Chandler: Ohh Joey, it’s not any movie or TV show. Indian Premier League which is popularly known as IPL is a professional men’s cricket competition held every year in the month of March or April and May. In 2008 this league has been started by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and is successfully ongoing with the 13th season in 2020 at UAE. There are different teams ON and OFF the league but eight teams are being consistent with their performance. …



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